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A great business is always
based on current & future demands.

Nexergy’s business concept is the production of energy for the market, everything from fuel for cars in the form of petrol to electricity for households and companies.

The history of dynamic and progressive thinking


The vision is to deliver energy to the entire European market and strive to make Europe independent for the continents energy supply, without being dependent on imports.
The first goal is to acquire a leading technology in building refineries to build Nexergy around distillates production.
The second step when Nexergy has reached the established refineries and created a functioning operation around distillates production, is to invest in other energy solutions and production of electricity.


Nexergy was launched in 2021 and is making strong progress on its journey to achieving the visions that have been set. The world is in an impending economic crisis, a shortage of cheap oil and rising energy prices are affecting the global economy with Europe at the centre of it.
Nexergy has already started negotiations on major acquisitions of the technologies needed to drive successful growth of the company.
Nexergy as a company is new, however, the management team and the board have a long experience of the energy sector and will strive to make the company a success.
The current board has been appointed due to their leading competencies in energy production and experiences in building companies of this type. The purpose of the current board is to set the foundation of Nexergy.
The management team and the board will be expanded over time with the need for further expertise in Nexergy as the company evolves. The first hire that Nexergy intends to do, is to hire a CEO to drive Nexergy forward as the next industry giant in oil and energy. A competent CEO is needed to lead Nexergy into the future.


Nexergy intends to be the people’s energy and oil company, that will create energy and solutions for the people. Nexergy therefore intends to attract investments and shareholders from the people. This means that Nexergy does not intend to have a major shareholder, instead spreading the ownership among the people. in order to return the profits to the people.
The shareholders in Nexergy will contribute to cheaper overheads in energy and oil for the people, at the same time taking part in the shareholder dividend that is expected to come. Nexergy will regularly issue shares and spread the ownership among the man on the street.



The management team will work to obtain funding from financial institutions and the European Union. A lot of external capital will be required to build the company that Nexergy intends to become.
Nexergy will primarily raise capital from the market through share issues to finance expansion and the development of Nexergy.


The asset that Nexergy is now negotiating to invest in is refineries for its own produced oil.


Since Nexergy is a people’s share, the primary group for Nexergy will be the people. That core group will be focused on by constantly looking for effective and economical solutions to simplify everyday life and people’s everyday economy. This means that Nexergy’s management team and goals are to work to improve and overcome those challenges.
The board’s task is to ensure that Nexergy works according to the goals and make sure that the organization works according to that methodology.
The CEO’s task is to work according to the board’s instructions and lead Nexergy forward to always have the solutions of the future as a part of business.
The sales department must always work with the people in mind. To become the people’s solution, the people must be part of Nexergy, either as shareholders or customers. This means that the sales group is an essential part of Nexergy, without sales Nexergy can never become part of the people.
Production must be carried out throughout Europe to contribute to reducing unemployment and help production for the benefit of all.

Nexergy’s end customer is always the consumer, but will also market the products to the whole sale sector. Nexergy focuses primarily on production.

Discover our team

Nexergy Team

Anders Olsson

Board member

Anders Olsson has developed several commercial patents, incl. for companies such as Alfa Laval, and has been responsible for structuring financial agreements between Swedish multinational companies and large international companies

Lars Ågren

Board member

Lars’ career is within the finance and accounting sector. He has experience leading and executing corporate finance transactions.