Nexergy Holdings PLC Named Company Of The Year 2024 For Green Energy Investment

Nexergy Holdings PLC Named Company Of The Year 2024 For Green Energy Investment Nexergy Holdings PLC, a pioneer in green energy investments, has been recognized as the “Company of the Year” 2024 in Green Energy Investment by Energy Business Review Europe. The Company of the Year Award from “Energy Business Review Europe” comes after a […]

Nexergy Holdings PLC and Lorentz Collaborate to Revolutionise Green Hydrogen Production

The collaboration by Nexergy and Lorentz will realise the commercial production of ‘Green’ Hydrogen for use in multiple industries. London, United Kingdom – May 9, 2024 – Nexergy Holdings PLC, an industry leader committed to enhancing sustainable energy solutions, is proud to announce a strategic collaboration with Lorentz, a visionary company pioneering the production of […]

Nexergy’s Ground-breaking Visit to Cassandra Oil Company Pioneers Environmentally Sustainable Solutions for Plastic Waste

Innovative ‘Caso technology’ will produce high quality oil from plastic and other waste in a game changer for environmental pollution and our carbon footprint.

London, UK – April XXX, 2024 – Nexergy Holding PLC, a leading investment firm dedicated to environmentally friendly energy production, is taking a significant step towards revolutionizing the plastics industry as it joins hands with the Cassandra Oil Company, renowned for its innovative ‘Caso’ technology. Managing Director Jason Turner and Nexergy’s pioneering team visited the Cassandra Oil team and its founder, Anders Olsson, in Denmark, on April 18th, to witness first-hand the ground-breaking technology that converts plastic waste into ‘CASOIL’ (Cassandra Oil).
Over 400 million metric tons of plastic waste are annually generated worldwide, posing a severe threat to our environment. Most of this waste ends up in landfills or is incinerated, contributing to pollution. The innovative Caso Technology, developed by Cassandra Oil, offers a sustainable and environmentally-friendly alternative by transforming plastic waste into crude oil, creating a circular economy that facilitates near 100% material recovery. Furthermore, the technology can process 10,500 tons of plastics per year, aligning with the European Union’s ambitious recycling targets, which mandate at least 55% of municipal waste to be recycled by 2025, escalating to 65% by 2035.

Jason Turner, Managing Director of Nexergy, expressed the significance of the upcoming visit, “Our visit to Denmark was an important step for myself and members of the Nexergy team. It was vital to meet the Cassandra Oil team and its founder, Anders Olsson, see the technology first hand, and deepen my understanding of the scale of the opportunity presented to us. I am looking forward to the next steps in our objective to bring Caso technology to the United Kingdom.”
The revolutionary Caso Technology presents a sustainable substitute for conventional fossil-based feedstocks in plastic production, significantly reducing reliance on virgin raw materials and substantially decreasing the carbon footprint of plastic products. CASOIL, produced through this cutting-edge process, maintains identical quality to traditional oil used in plastic production, thereby supporting the circular economy and seamlessly replacing fossil resources with sustainable alternatives, without impacting the recyclability of plastics.

Jason Turner Joins Nexergy As New Director

We are thrilled to announce the addition of Jason Turner as a Director.
Jason is primarily entrusted with boosting the deployment and enhancing the operational efficiency of our machinery and production sites. His pivotal role is central to our strategic vision for expanding renewable energy production, promising significant advancements in our capabilities and a substantial impact on sustainable energy accessibility.
This strategic initiative will significantly aid our development, allowing us to expand and enhance our impact in the renewable energy market, leading to a broader, more sustainable future.

Jason is a experienced banking professional and Chartered Fellow of the CISI, his illustrious career spans prestigious roles at global banking giants such as UBS, Deutsche Bank, Barclays, and Reyl Group. His expertise in advising a diverse range of clients, from institutional businesses to high-net-worth individuals, particularly in wealth and corporate finance services, has established his reputation in the financial sector.

Jason’s recent engagements include strategic advisories for family offices and private entities, guiding them through complex financial landscapes and helping them thrive in competitive markets. His innovative approach, insights into corporate finance and wealth management have led to groundbreaking successes, establishing him as a trusted adviser in the financial community.

On joining Nexergy, Jason states, “Becoming a part of Nexergy’s board is a exciting opportunity. I resonate with the core principles guiding Nexergy’s aim to enhance and make energy accessible, targeting sustainable solutions for the UK and European markets. As the importance of innovation in energy production and distribution grows, Nexergy is well-positioned to lead the industry towards a more sustainable future.”

As we celebrate this new chapter with Jason Turner, We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to our community for their continuous support. We are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and remain committed to our vision of sustainable energy for all.

In closing, we extend our warmest wishes for a fantastic holiday season. Thank you for your constant support.

the power of CASo

Nexergy is proud to present the CASO technology, an innovative solution designed to address pressing waste management issues while generating valuable by-products.

What does the CASO machine do? Our CASO technology is engineered to process challenging waste materials, specifically used tyres and end-of-life plastics. Traditional recycling methods typically require high energy inputs and extensive processing times. In contrast, our machine leverages mechanical energy, generated through friction, to break down these materials quickly and efficiently. This approach ensures a rapid, energy-efficient decomposition, setting our technology apart from conventional methods.

What materials does the CASO machine use? The focus of our CASO technology is on hydrocarbon-rich wastes, predominantly used tyres and plastics. These materials, often challenging to decompose and considered environmental hazards, are ideal for our recycling process. By targeting such wastes, we offer a pragmatic and environmentally friendly solution, turning problematic refuse into a resource.

What does the machine produce? The outputs from our CASO process are multi-faceted and valuable. Primarily, the technology converts waste into a form of light crude oil. This oil, once refined, can be utilised in various applications, offering a sustainable alternative to traditional petroleum sources. Additionally, the process generates carbon black, a critical component in the production of new tyres and other rubber-based products, facilitating a circular economic model. Moreover, our system extracts usable gases, providing an alternative energy source, further underlining the sustainability of our approach.

Nexergy’s CASO technology marks a significant stride in addressing the global waste dilemma. As waste continues to pose a worldwide challenge, our solution transforms this burden into a resource. The CASO machine’s ability to process waste into light crude oil, carbon black, and gases showcases its potential in fostering sustainable practices and supporting circular economies. This technology isn’t just a method for managing waste; it represents a forward step towards a more sustainable and resource-efficient future.

Advancing the Circular Economy with Nexergy’s CASO Technology

The technology embodies the principles of the circular economy, revolutionising the way we approach waste management. By converting challenging materials like used tyres and end-of-life plastics into valuable resources such as light crude oil, carbon black, and gases, the CASO machine demonstrates a significant shift from the traditional linear model to a more regenerative, circular system.

This innovative process not only mitigates environmental hazards associated with waste but also contributes to a more sustainable economic model. By transforming waste into reusable commodities, the CASO technology reduces the demand for virgin materials, lowers carbon emissions, and promotes a cleaner, more resilient environment.

Nexergy’s commitment to the circular economy extends beyond waste reduction. It’s about redefining growth, focusing on positive society-wide benefits. The CASO machine is a testament to our dedication to innovation, sustainability, and the creation of a circular future where resources are utilised to their fullest potential.

Join us in this sustainable revolution, as we move towards a more resource-efficient and environmentally friendly future with the CASO technology at the forefront of circular economy practices.

Nexergy Announces Its Game-Changing Acquisition of Cassandra

We’re thrilled to announce the achievement of Nexergy’s strategic acquisition of Cassandra, a vital moment in our journey towards revolutionizing sustainable resource production throughout Europe.

Our passion at Nexergy has always been to champion the cause of self-sustainability and to elevate resource production within Europe. Welcoming Cassandra into our family turbocharges our mission, to the sustainable resource production with a sharp focus on the advancement of green energy.

This acquisition transcends growth tactics—it’s a transformative surge towards hands-on production and amplifying our impact on Europe’s sustainable energy landscape. We’re pleased to welcome Cassandra’s shareholders to the Nexergy fold and are eager to embark on this unified path towards a brighter, greener future.

Looking ahead, Nexergy is set to dramatically broaden its production horizons across the UK and Europe. At the forefront of our strategic agenda is the deployment of advanced production facilities, specifically engineered to enhance the production of ‘green oil.’ This initiative is essential in our commitment to spearheading the sustainable energy transition across Europe. By leveraging innovative technologies and sustainable practices, our goal is to significantly increase the availability of green oil.

We’re excited about the possibilities this acquisition unlocks and are wholeheartedly committed to our shared vision of a sustainable, resource-rich Europe. Please remain informed of our forthcoming advancements as we persist in pioneering innovative solutions, transforming the energy landscape, and delivering substantial contributions to environmental sustainability. Our commitment is to continuously explore and implement groundbreaking strategies that redefine the energy sector, ensuring our pivotal role in fostering a more sustainable and ecologically responsible future.

Anders Olsson, CEO of Cassandra, shares the enthusiasm,

“Joining hands with Nexergy marks a new and exciting chapter for Cassandra! This significant milestone in our journey towards sustainable resource development in Europe is a beacon of progress and opportunity. Together with Nexergy, we’re combining our strengths, innovation, and leadership in sustainable energy production to accelerate our growth, expand our tech capabilities, and work hand-in-hand for a greener, more prosperous Europe.

Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to all our employees, customers, and partners for your unwavering support and trust. We’re confident that this new adventure will unlock opportunities for everyone involved and significantly contribute to our collective dream of a sustainable world.”

Let’s celebrate this momentous union and look forward to a future filled with innovation, sustainability, and growth. Here’s to making Europe greener and more sustainable, together!

Denmark Negotiations Unfold

Nexergy is thrilled to share our ambitious plans to advance green energy production across Europe. These plans include entering into negotiations for the acquisition of an existing facility in Denmark and developing what we envision as the coming UK plan. This strategic direction highlights Nexergy’s dedication to environmental sustainability and our goal to enhance Europe’s energy independence.

The potential acquisition in Denmark represents a significant step in Nexergy’s efforts to increase our capacity for converting not only plastic waste but also high-carbon materials into environmentally friendly green oil. This initiative is expected to be a key milestone in our pursuit of a cleaner, more sustainable future. The expertise and capabilities we aim to acquire from the Danish facility are anticipated to be vital as we proceed with similar expansion plans, including our prospective projects in the UK.

Patric Urban, Director of Nexergy, expresses his enthusiasm: “The ongoing discussions to acquire the Danish facility, together with our preliminary plans for the UK, underscore our commitment to leading the sustainable energy market. These initiatives are essential for enhancing our green oil production and for advancing toward greater energy autonomy.”

With plans to upgrade the Danish facility with cutting-edge technology, Nexergy aims to achieve significant operational enhancements by the end of 2024. This ambitious upgrade is expected to greatly increase the availability of green oil within the European market. Nexergy remains committed to spearheading sustainable energy innovation and will continue to share updates on our progress.

Revolutionize Waste Management in the UK with Innovative “Green Oil” Production

Nexergy Holdings PLC Unveils Strategic Plan to Revolutionize Waste Management in the UK with Innovative “Green Oil” Production

Today, we at Nexergy Holdings PLC are thrilled to announce a landmark initiative that promises to transform the UK’s waste management and energy production landscape. We are embracing the innovative ‘green oil’ technology to turn high carbon waste into a renewable energy source, signaling a major leap towards a sustainable future.

Commitment to Environmental Excellence

In this critical era, where sustainability is paramount, we are at the forefront, championing the transition to renewable energy solutions. The core of this initiative is our strategic acquisition of sites, each selected for their capacity to house cutting-edge ‘green oil’ production facilities. Designed for seamless integration into the UK’s current waste management system, these facilities are equipped with the latest technology to convert waste into clean energy efficiently.

Our Vision for Cleaner Energy

‘Green oil’ is the embodiment of our dedication to pioneering sustainable energy solutions. This venture directly tackles two pressing challenges: effective waste management and significant carbon emission reduction. By transforming waste into ‘green oil,’ we are not just advocating for cleaner energy but are also actively committing to environmental innovation.

Collaboration as the Key to Success

Realizing our ambitious objectives hinges on unity and collaboration. We are in active pursuit of partnerships with organizations that share our vision of a greener future. Our collective goal is to swiftly operationalize these facilities, demonstrating the real-world benefits of ‘green oil’ production for the UK and beyond.

Economic and Environmental Contributions

Our initiative is poised to make a substantial impact on both the UK’s economy and environmental goals. By focusing on the local production of ‘green oil,’ we aim to diminish waste, reduce carbon emissions, and bolster national energy autonomy, a commitment reflecting our dedication to both economic development and environmental conservation.

Join Us on This Transformative Journey

We extend an invitation to all stakeholders, communities, and potential partners to join us on this transformative journey. Sustainable energy is a collaborative mission, and together, we can carve a path toward a sustainable, innovative, and energy-independent future.

Nexergy Partners with NextCrowd

We are thrilled to unveil our latest collaboration with NextCrowd, an equity and debt investment crowdfunding platform in the UK, regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. This partnership is set to propel us forward, enriching our portfolio with groundbreaking initiatives in the realms of sustainable energy and water resources.

It also signifies a step towards achieving our vision for a cleaner, more sustainable future. Leveraging NextCrowd’s expertise, we aim to foster investor confidence, paving the way for an expanded influence and the discovery of new avenues for impactful contributions to environmental sustainability.

For our investors, this collaboration with NextCrowd marks a momentous occasion. It not only widens our market reach but also accelerates our development and paves the path for novel partnerships within the energy sector. This strategic alliance promises to diversify our portfolio and propel our mission in sustainable energy, offering our investors opportunities to participate in our growth and environmental impact.

Patrik Urban, reflecting on this collaboration, remarked, “Our collaboration with NextCrowd opens up a wealth of possibilities to augment our initiatives in the sustainable energy and water sectors. NextCrowd’s platform provides a robust framework for trust, perfectly aligning with our commitment to innovate and expand in a sustainable manner.”

Sacha Bright CEO, says about the partnership, “We are delighted Nexergy has joined the Nextcrowd platform! As a leader in renewable energy solutions, Nexergy’s innovative approach to sustainable energy aligns perfectly with our mission at Nextcrowd to empower groundbreaking projects through crowdfunding.
Nexergy’s presence on our platform represents a unique opportunity for investors and environmental enthusiasts alike to be part of the renewable energy revolution.”

For detailed information on this collaboration and how you can be a part of it, we invite you to visit or Join us on this journey to sculpt a sustainable future together.