The Caso Machine

Designed By Anders olsson & cassandra group

The power of caso

Nexergy is proud to present the CASO technology, an innovative solution designed to address pressing waste management issues while generating valuable by-products.

What does the CASO machine do?

The CASO technology is engineered to process challenging waste materials, such as used tyres and end-of-life plastics.

What materials does the CASO machine use?

The focus of the CASO technology is on hydrocarbon-rich wastes, predominantly used tyres and unrecyclable plastics. These materials, often challenging to decompose and considered environmental hazards, are ideal for this recycling process. By targeting such wastes, we offer a pragmatic and environmentally friendly
solution, turning problematic refuse into a resource.

What does the machine produce?

The outputs from the CASO process are multi-faceted and
valuable. Primarily, the technology converts waste into a form of light crude oil. This oil, once refined, can be utilised in various applications, offering a sustainable alternative to traditional petroleum sources. Additionally, the process generates carbon black, a critical component in the production of new tyres and other rubber-based products, facilitating a circular economic model. Moreover, the system extracts usable gases, providing an alternative energy source, further underlining the sustainability of our approach.

The CASO technology marks a significant stride in addressing the global waste dilemma. As waste continues to pose a worldwide challenge, this solution transforms a burden into a resource. The CASO machine’s ability to process waste into light crude oil, carbon black, and gases showcases its potential in fostering sustainable practices and supporting circular economies. This technology isn’t just a method for managing waste; it represents a forward step towards a more sustainable and resource-efficient future.

Advancing the Circular Economy with CASO Technology

The technology embodies the principles of the circular economy, revolutionising the way we approach waste management. By converting challenging materials like used tyres and end-of-life plastics into valuable resources such as light crude oil, carbon black, and gases, the CASO
machine demonstrates a significant shift from the traditional linear model to a more regenerative, circular system. This innovative process not only mitigates environmental hazards associated with waste but also contributes to a more sustainable economic model. By transforming waste into reusable commodities, the CASO technology reduces the demand for virgin materials, lowers carbon emissions, and promotes a cleaner, more resilient environment.

Nexergy’s commitment to the circular economy extends beyond waste reduction. It’s about redefining growth, focusing on positive society-wide benefits. The CASO machine is a testament to our dedication to innovation, sustainability, and the creation of a circular future where resources are utilised to their fullest potential. Join us in this sustainable revolution, as we move towards a more resource-efficient and environmentally friendly future with the CASO technology at the forefront of circular economy practice.

From worthless garbage to pure energy

Caso is the future of green energy

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