Nexergy Partners with NextCrowd

We are thrilled to unveil our latest collaboration with NextCrowd, an equity and debt investment crowdfunding platform in the UK, regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. This partnership is set to propel us forward, enriching our portfolio with groundbreaking initiatives in the realms of sustainable energy and water resources.

It also signifies a step towards achieving our vision for a cleaner, more sustainable future. Leveraging NextCrowd’s expertise, we aim to foster investor confidence, paving the way for an expanded influence and the discovery of new avenues for impactful contributions to environmental sustainability.

For our investors, this collaboration with NextCrowd marks a momentous occasion. It not only widens our market reach but also accelerates our development and paves the path for novel partnerships within the energy sector. This strategic alliance promises to diversify our portfolio and propel our mission in sustainable energy, offering our investors opportunities to participate in our growth and environmental impact.

Patrik Urban, reflecting on this collaboration, remarked, “Our collaboration with NextCrowd opens up a wealth of possibilities to augment our initiatives in the sustainable energy and water sectors. NextCrowd’s platform provides a robust framework for trust, perfectly aligning with our commitment to innovate and expand in a sustainable manner.”

Sacha Bright CEO, says about the partnership, “We are delighted Nexergy has joined the Nextcrowd platform! As a leader in renewable energy solutions, Nexergy’s innovative approach to sustainable energy aligns perfectly with our mission at Nextcrowd to empower groundbreaking projects through crowdfunding.
Nexergy’s presence on our platform represents a unique opportunity for investors and environmental enthusiasts alike to be part of the renewable energy revolution.”

For detailed information on this collaboration and how you can be a part of it, we invite you to visit or Join us on this journey to sculpt a sustainable future together.

Lorentz’s Solar Hydrogen Vision

Enhancing Global Energy Security Lorentz is excited to announce the upcoming launch of a new solar-powered hydrogen gas production facility in southern Spain. This initiative, a collaboration with Nexergy and expected to be operational by Q1 2024, is not just an advancement but a transformative achievement that will set a new benchmark for renewable energy […]

Nexergy Announces Expansion of TREIC’s Green Energy Portfolio

Nexergy is thrilled to announce a significant milestone in the journey towards a greener future. Our subsidiary, the Swedish electricity company TREIC, has taken a monumental step towards enhancing its commitment to environmental sustainability and carbon neutrality. TREIC has signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) with a prominent electricity retailer, cementing their dedication to eco-friendly practices.

To showcase this exciting development, we have revamped TREIC’s website, where you can explore more about our mission and vision at

Negotiations with the electricity retailer were successfully concluded last week, culminating in the signing of the LOI. With this crucial milestone, we are now set to commence Due Diligence and the drafting of a Share Purchase Agreement (SPA).

The electricity retailer brings to the table a robust sales product and an array of innovative initiatives aimed at reducing carbon emissions. Together, our shared ambition is to achieve annual revenues of up to £100 million within three years while remaining carbon neutral. To achieve this goal, the retailer has undertaken an ambitious program that involves direct carbon capture and a comprehensive tree-planting initiative.

The electricity retailer has thoroughly evaluated TREIC AB (publ) and other potential investments, recognizing the real synergies that exist between all parties involved in this merger. TREIC AB (publ) has prioritized this partnership, underscoring the commitment to its success.

Moreover, the electricity retailer shares TREIC AB (publ)’s vision for sustainable energy production and will collaborate to identify optimal green solutions for energy production projects.

Both TREIC AB (publ) and the electricity retailer share a common aspiration to become one of the largest electricity suppliers in Europe and the UK. This merger not only promises increased revenue and a positive environmental impact but also a positive cash flow for TREIC AB (publ), aligning perfectly with our vision of delivering electricity to Scandinavian, European, and UK markets.

TREIC AB (publ) is working tirelessly to address the growing interest from businesses and corporations seeking to participate in our continued development.

In addition, TREIC and Nexergy are engaged in discussions with a Swedish solar energy producing company. We are exploring the possibility of acquiring this company during Q4 2023 or the beginning of Q1 2024. Our aim is to become a direct energy producer, enabling us to serve both direct and indirect customers across Europe.