Denmark Negotiations Unfold

Nexergy is thrilled to share our ambitious plans to advance green energy production across Europe. These plans include entering into negotiations for the acquisition of an existing facility in Denmark and developing what we envision as the coming UK plan. This strategic direction highlights Nexergy's dedication to environmental sustainability and our goal to enhance Europe's energy independence.

The potential acquisition in Denmark represents a significant step in Nexergy's efforts to increase our capacity for converting not only plastic waste but also high-carbon materials into environmentally friendly green oil. This initiative is expected to be a key milestone in our pursuit of a cleaner, more sustainable future. The expertise and capabilities we aim to acquire from the Danish facility are anticipated to be vital as we proceed with similar expansion plans, including our prospective projects in the UK.

Patric Urban, Director of Nexergy, expresses his enthusiasm: "The ongoing discussions to acquire the Danish facility, together with our preliminary plans for the UK, underscore our commitment to leading the sustainable energy market. These initiatives are essential for enhancing our green oil production and for advancing toward greater energy autonomy."

With plans to upgrade the Danish facility with cutting-edge technology, Nexergy aims to achieve significant operational enhancements by the end of 2024. This ambitious upgrade is expected to greatly increase the availability of green oil within the European market. Nexergy remains committed to spearheading sustainable energy innovation and will continue to share updates on our progress.

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