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Investing in energy has never been Smarter

Energy Sector

The energy sector powers the global economy, literally and figuratively. The rising prices of oil and natural gas makes this a great time to take a closer look at energy stocks, as countries reopen their economies and shift consumption to carbon-free sources of energy.

Energy sector stocks come from companies focused on the production and supply of energy products to the rest of the economy. They can also include companies providing services and equipment to energy producers. 

Various Stocks

Oil and natural gas stocks. These companies focus on finding new sources of oil and natural gas, extracting and processing the resources and supplying them to the economy. Their value comes not only from existing sales but also the worth of their untapped oil and gas reserves.

Pipeline and refining stocks. Once oil and gas are extracted, they are still not ready for use. Refineries take the raw materials, like crude oil, and process them into fuel that’s ready for consumption. Pipeline companies transport oil, natural gas and processed products.

Mining stocks. Coal is still a key source of energy and must be mined. The same goes for uranium, which fuels nuclear power plants.

Renewable energy stocks. These are companies that focus on green sources of energy like solar, wind and geothermal.

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