New director is infusing energy and leadership into Nexergy

Former hockey coach Patrik Urban who has been the manager for the Hungarian National hockey team and a top tier Swedish hockey team is joining Nexergy on the ongoing journey for a sustainable energy production in Europe.

Patrik is a natural born leader and with his expertise in top level competition, he knows the importance of reaching a goal and how to get there. Patrik has adopted Nexergys vision and has been in dialog with Nexergy for the past six months which has led to the agreement to bring Nexergy forward to a greener future.

As both Nexergy and Patrik are firm believers of Europe and Britain’s self-reliance in resources and the production of it, he will give all of his energy and knowledge in leadership to bring Nexergy to a successful market listening and most of all a green and sustainable future.

Patriks first mission will be to look closer at the merger with the Swedish tech company regarding the production of oil and to make the merger come closer to completion. We are also glad to announce that Nexergy has received a huge update from the Swedish tech company about their production of oil and sales to one of the major global actors.

This is vital for the future of Europe and Britains goal of being self-reliant and non-dependent of imported energy.

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  1. 1. For a Director role and at such an early maturity stage of NEXERGY, I’d expect that you guys would bring on board an experienced Director from a relevant field with hands-on domain knowledge: e.g. the energy field, a green source of Energy, previous M&A experience, etc.

    2. What is the meaning and content of the ”huge update” please?

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