Nexergy Announces Its Game-Changing Acquisition of Cassandra

We’re thrilled to announce the achievement of Nexergy’s strategic acquisition of Cassandra, a vital moment in our journey towards revolutionizing sustainable resource production throughout Europe. 

Our passion at Nexergy has always been to champion the cause of self-sustainability and to elevate resource production within Europe. Welcoming Cassandra into our family turbocharges our mission, to the sustainable resource production with a sharp focus on the advancement of green energy.

This acquisition transcends growth tactics—it’s a transformative surge towards hands-on production and amplifying our impact on Europe’s sustainable energy landscape. We’re pleased to welcome Cassandra’s shareholders to the Nexergy fold and are eager to embark on this unified path towards a brighter, greener future.

Looking ahead, Nexergy is set to dramatically broaden its production horizons across the UK and Europe. At the forefront of our strategic agenda is the deployment of advanced production facilities, specifically engineered to enhance the production of ‘green oil.’ This initiative is essential in our commitment to spearheading the sustainable energy transition across Europe. By leveraging innovative technologies and sustainable practices, our goal is to significantly increase the availability of green oil.

We’re excited about the possibilities this acquisition unlocks and are wholeheartedly committed to our shared vision of a sustainable, resource-rich Europe. Please remain informed of our forthcoming advancements as we persist in pioneering innovative solutions, transforming the energy landscape, and delivering substantial contributions to environmental sustainability. Our commitment is to continuously explore and implement groundbreaking strategies that redefine the energy sector, ensuring our pivotal role in fostering a more sustainable and ecologically responsible future.

Anders Olsson, CEO of Cassandra, shares the enthusiasm,

“Joining hands with Nexergy marks a new and exciting chapter for Cassandra! This significant milestone in our journey towards sustainable resource development in Europe is a beacon of progress and opportunity. Together with Nexergy, we’re combining our strengths, innovation, and leadership in sustainable energy production to accelerate our growth, expand our tech capabilities, and work hand-in-hand for a greener, more prosperous Europe.

Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to all our employees, customers, and partners for your unwavering support and trust. We’re confident that this new adventure will unlock opportunities for everyone involved and significantly contribute to our collective dream of a sustainable world.”

Let’s celebrate this momentous union and look forward to a future filled with innovation, sustainability, and growth. Here’s to making Europe greener and more sustainable, together!

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  1. Hi! How is the process developing in regard of transforming Cassandra shares to Nexergy shares, when can we expect the change to be made?

    1. Thank you for your inquiry. We are currently working diligently on this process and are in the final stages of ensuring everything is in order. We anticipate being able to provide more detailed information and a timeline for completion shortly.

      We appreciate your patience and understanding during this transition.

      1. Hello, it’s nice that Cassandra’s technology will live on and contribute to a better climate. I am a casso owner and look forward to becoming an owner in Nexergy. What I am thinking about is how I will be able to sell and buy shares in Nexergy as I will receive a physical share certificate as proof of my shares.

        // Mikael

        1. Hi Mikael,

          The shares are being processed for conversion from Cassandra to Nexergy. You will receive more information about this shortly. Thank you for your patience!

  2. With shares being held, (I believe,) on an electronic exchange in Sweden(?), will Nexergy be able to track and trace shareholders and their addreses in both UK and the rest of Europe? Or will Nexergy, at some point, ask for shareholders to come forward with evidence of shareholdings via brolerage accounts etc.? Thanks.

    1. Hi Emm Jay!

      Thank you for your query. Nexergy’s shares are indeed managed electronically, which allows us to efficiently track and trace shareholder details worldwide. There’s no current requirement for shareholders to provide evidence of holdings via brokerage accounts. However, should any need arise for verification, we will communicate directly with our shareholders to ensure compliance and transparency.

    1. Hello Christer, as an investor in Cassandra, please note that you’ll be informed about the exchange process shortly. Rest assured, there’s no action required from your side at this moment. New share certificates will be issued to you directly. We are currently gathering all necessary data to facilitate the transfer smoothly. Stay tuned for more information.

  3. Cassandra shareholders are expected to receive a one-to-one ratio of Nexergy shares. Please keep an eye out for further updates on this transition. Your long-term commitment as a shareholder is greatly appreciated.

  4. Hi, I am a shareholder of CASO. When is the IPO taking place? What are the estimated stock price of Nexergy?

    1. There isn’t a confirmed date for the IPO yet, but it’s expected to be late in 2024. The initial projected listing price for Nexergy is £1.30.
      Thank you Steffen.

    1. Nexergy is not publicly traded as of today but is projected to be listed on the London Stock Exchange later in 2024. The current share price is £0.92, with expectations of an increase in the third round of funding.

  5. Hej Cassandra/Nexergy!

    Kunde inte låta bli…

    En överraskande och innovativ utveckling på företaget med en aktie (Cassandra Oil) som jag själv ägt/äger i varierande omfattning så länge den fanns på den reguljära aktiemarknaden. Jag fick tidigt kännedom om bolaget via Jordanfonden (JF) ett investerarnätverk med inriktning främst kring naturresurser, energi och förädlade produkter i sektorn samt lite annat. Ett nätverk som jag fortfarande är medlem i. Jag har därför haft nöjet att att vid några tillfällen på vårmiddagar med JF, lyssnat på fd VD Anders Ohlsson som berättat om bolagets framåtskridande tills det tog en annan vändning. Åtminstone för oss tidigare aktieägare har det inte varit lika tillgängligt med info och inga aktiekurser att följa sedan avnoteringen från börsen sedan dess. Inte mer än att man fortfarande ser aktienamnet kvar i depån, men nersläckt för handel. Spännande då att att verksamheten nu med en utvecklad miljöproduktion sålts och gått in i en vad jag förmodar större företagsstruktur, Nexergy. Det ska bli intressant att följa ert nästa steg och det vore intressant om befintliga Cassandraaktier kunde konverteras på något sätt till en aktie med handel i det nya företaget Nexergy. Något som jag förstår också är tanken. Jag är ingen storägare på något sätt men gillar tanken och inriktningen på en bättre miljö och en renare värld för oss alla.

    1. It’s great to hear about your journey with Cassandra Oil. Cassandra shareholders, like yourself, will receive a one-to-one ratio of Nexergy shares. Your support is highly appreciated. Stay tuned for more updates.

    1. If you hold Cassandra stocks, you’ll be interested to know that Cassandra shareholders are expected to receive a one-to-one ratio of Nexergy shares. Please keep an eye out for further updates on this transition. Your long-term commitment as a shareholder is greatly appreciated.

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