Nexergy Holdings PLC Named Company Of The Year 2024 For Green Energy Investment

Nexergy Holdings PLC Named Company Of The Year 2024 For Green Energy Investment

Nexergy Holdings PLC, a pioneer in green energy investments, has been recognized as the “Company of the Year” 2024 in Green Energy Investment by Energy Business Review Europe.

The Company of the Year Award from “Energy Business Review Europe” comes after a rigorous industry-wide selection process that recognizes Nexergy Holdings PLC for its groundbreaking solutions, investment, active participation in events and conferences, recent expansions, and product launches.

“Energy Business Review Europe” is a leading source of insights and analysis within the energy sector, catering to industry executives and decision-makers in renewable energy, oil, gas, and emerging technologies. With a readership of over 53,000 professionals, it serves as a vital platform for staying informed about the latest industry trends and innovations.

Jason Turner, Managing Director of Nexergy Holdings PLC

said, “We envision a future powered by a diverse portfolio of clean, renewable energy sources, where innovative technologies can support and deliver the energy needs of society whilst supporting wider environmental stewardship and economic growth. Our mission is to be a core part of that future, and to accelerate the adoption and transition to sustainable energy by investing in pioneering companies that offer scalable, clean eco-friendly solutions.

In another significant development, Anders Olsson, the CEO of Cassandra Oil – a key member of Nexergy Holdings PLC, will be interviewed by “Renewables Now” to discuss the revolutionary clean energy innovations of Lorentz, another prominent member of Nexergy Holdings PLC.

Renewables Now” is a renowned business information service that caters to renewable energy professionals globally, with their website attracting over 160,000 monthly page views.

The “Company of the Year” award highlights Nexergy Holdings PLC’s dedication to advancing sustainable energy solutions. This recognition, along with the upcoming interview featuring Cassandra Oil’s Founder and the innovations at Lorentz, will significantly enhance Nexergy Holdings PLC’s visibility and credibility within the renewable energy sector, underscoring its achievements and future potential.

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