Nexergy Partners with NextCrowd

We are thrilled to unveil our latest collaboration with NextCrowd, an equity and debt investment crowdfunding platform in the UK, regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. This partnership is set to propel us forward, enriching our portfolio with groundbreaking initiatives in the realms of sustainable energy and water resources.

It also signifies a step towards achieving our vision for a cleaner, more sustainable future. Leveraging NextCrowd's expertise, we aim to foster investor confidence, paving the way for an expanded influence and the discovery of new avenues for impactful contributions to environmental sustainability.

For our investors, this collaboration with NextCrowd marks a momentous occasion. It not only widens our market reach but also accelerates our development and paves the path for novel partnerships within the energy sector. This strategic alliance promises to diversify our portfolio and propel our mission in sustainable energy, offering our investors opportunities to participate in our growth and environmental impact.

Patrik Urban, reflecting on this collaboration, remarked, "Our collaboration with NextCrowd opens up a wealth of possibilities to augment our initiatives in the sustainable energy and water sectors. NextCrowd's platform provides a robust framework for trust, perfectly aligning with our commitment to innovate and expand in a sustainable manner."

Sacha Bright CEO, says about the partnership, "We are delighted Nexergy has joined the Nextcrowd platform! As a leader in renewable energy solutions, Nexergy's innovative approach to sustainable energy aligns perfectly with our mission at Nextcrowd to empower groundbreaking projects through crowdfunding. Nexergy's presence on our platform represents a unique opportunity for investors and environmental enthusiasts alike to be part of the renewable energy revolution.”

For detailed information on this collaboration and how you can be a part of it, we invite you to visit or Join us on this journey to sculpt a sustainable future together.

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