Ongoing Due Diligence

The negotiation with the Swedish company about acquiring their technology continues and a plan is being developed.

Nexergy has had access to the company’s documents and insight into operations and technology. Nexergy is extremely positive about the future acquisition and merger. Nexergy will have one from the Swedish company board on Nexergys board to learn Nexergy about the coming merger so that when its due all knowledge will be in place with Nexergy.

Nexergy will have consultants and board members looking in to the Swedish company for starters and later on they will appoint a lawyer firm to finalize the merger and to a more formal Due Diligence. Nexergy believes it will take some time to learn this advance technology and it will at least take a year to familiarize itself with the Swedish company before moving the merger process to a more formal process.
It’s the Swedish company who has contacted Nexergy with the desire of merging and Nexergy believes it is exactly what Nexergy has in mind in regards to Nexergys vision and mission. At the same time as the two companies are looking at the merger process during the year to come the Swedish company will continue to develop and build their business and industry to perfect itself for the merger between the two.

Both the Swedish company and Nexergy is looking forward to a future together and to give Britain and Europe a way to provide for itself in its best of ability.

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