Strategic Cooperation with Lorentz Ltd

In a significant move towards a sustainable future, we are excited to announce our collaboration with Lorentz Ltd. This partnership not only bolsters our portfolio but also reaffirms our dedication to promoting renewable energy sources and our vision for an eco-friendly world.

Lorentz Ltd, headquartered in England, is celebrated for its innovative methods in hydrogen gas production. Harnessing the power of solar energy, their technology offers a revolutionary, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly alternative to other solutions currently available on the market. The hydrogen gas produced using solar energy can help meet the increased industrial demand for green energy as well as power vehicles efficiently. For instance, a car equipped with a hydrogen gas engine, using Lorentz's solar-powered production method, could travel from London to Rome for a mere production cost of 17 euros.

Our engagement with Lorentz is a testament to Nexergy's forward-thinking approach. Anders Olsson, the founder of Lorentz and the genius behind its technology, is enthusiastic about the numerous opportunities that have arisen from discussions with Nexergy.

For more insights on Lorentz Ltd and its groundbreaking work, please visit Additionally, to understand the significance of hydrogen gas in today's world, watch this informative video from The Economist: Hydrogen Gas Importance.

The Lorentz investment is just one of several significant developments that have occurred since Nexergy initiated discussions with the Swedish green oil-producing company. Anders Olsson, the founder of Lorentz and the visionary behind its technology, is enthusiastic about the numerous positive outcomes that have emerged as a result of the ongoing dialogue between him and Nexergy.

At Nexergy, we are elated with this development and are steadfast in our commitment to bringing Europe closer to energy self-sufficiency. Our unwavering mission to invest in a sustainable future continues, and we are optimistic that our recent strategic initiatives will benefit all involved parties.

Zavion Vision B.V. will commence its second capital funding round for Nexergy on Sunday, October 1st, 2023.

Furthermore, the office building where Nexergy has been located is currently undergoing renovations. As a result, we will be temporarily relocating to a new address, which is:

Nexergy Holding PLC Brompton Road 189 SW3 1NE LONDON UNITED KINGDOM

Please make note of this change in address for any future correspondence or visits. Thank you for your understanding.

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  1. On a Canadian standpoint, I’ve been studiedly following and investing in the entire industry and I’m more then impressed by your entire presentation. it goes beyond “you’ll do it” but most importantly accomplish what you saying that will go a long way. Bravo

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