Lorentz’s Solar Hydrogen Vision

Enhancing Global Energy Security

Lorentz is excited to announce the upcoming launch of a new solar-powered hydrogen gas production facility in southern Spain. This initiative, a collaboration with Nexergy and expected to be operational by Q1 2024, is not just an advancement but a transformative achievement that will set a new benchmark for renewable energy production.

Harnessing the power of the sun, Lorentz’s innovative approach to producing hydrogen gas ensures zero carbon emissions, reflecting a deep commitment to clean energy and environmental responsibility. This project marks a significant milestone in the journey towards a sustainable energy future.

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The image featured showcases Anders Olsson in the designated area for our new production site in southern Spain

Ander Olsson, the founder of Lorentz, comments on the significance of this development

“Our solar-powered hydrogen production is a clear demonstration of renewable energy’s potential. Our technology does not only align with sustainability goals but also positions us to produce hydrogen at one of the most competitive costs in the market.”

Lorentz is leading by example in the renewable energy sector, showing that it is possible to produce energy in harmony with the environment. This new facility is a testament to that vision, offering a glimpse into a future where renewable energy is the norm.

A Glimpse into Hydrogen’s Potential and Market Dynamics

Can hydrogen help the world reach net zero? (link to Youtube-video)

This video from the Financial Times complements our vision by delving into the advantages and the current high demand for hydrogen energy. It outlines how this demand is so significant that producers are facing the tough choice of turning down projects. Lorentz’s upcoming solar-powered hydrogen gas production facility in southern Spain is our proactive step towards addressing this demand. By increasing production capabilities while adhering to our standards for sustainability and cost-competitiveness, we aim to contribute meaningfully to meeting the global need for clean energy.

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