Successful completion of the agreement with a prominent Swedish green electricity firm

Nexergy has made a strategic decision to prioritize the acquisition of a green electricity company, recognizing its alignment with Nexergy's objectives and aspirations. This acquisition is crucial for Nexergy's pursuit of becoming a leading energy provider in Europe and Britain, with a strong emphasis on delivering cost-effective and sustainable energy solutions to a wide range of consumers.

Through this acquisition, Nexergy will indirectly provide electricity to regions in Europe, with the ultimate goal of extending its reach throughout the entire continent. It is important to note that the funds allocated by Nexergy for purchasing shares in the green energy company will be specifically designated for organic business growth. This strategic allocation enhances the value of the acquisition as the invested funds will directly contribute to the expansion of the electricity company.

During 2023, the electricity company will allocate all acquisition funds towards organic growth initiatives, utilizing profits from its turnover to further invest in the company's expansion. Nexergy anticipates receiving its first dividends in 2024, and the exact dividend amount is yet to be determined. Nexergy remains committed to providing market updates on the development of the electricity company.

Furthermore, Nexergy plans to reinvest the dividends received into the sector, aligning with its ongoing goals and vision. However, the board of directors and Nexergy intend to distribute a modest dividend to shareholders. This momentous occasion is a cause for celebration for both Nexergy and the electricity company, marking the beginning of a new chapter as we move forward with determination and great anticipation. vision of being a leading provider of electricity in Europe and Britain.

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