Paving the Way for a Sustainable Future in Europe A Vision for Economy and Energy

Paving the Way for a Sustainable Future in Europe A Vision for Economy and Energy

In 2022, J.P. Morgan’s startling prediction of oil prices potentially soaring to $380 per barrel underscored the crucial intersection of economy and energy, emphasizing the urgent need for innovative energy solutions. Recognizing hydrogen’s potential as a clean, flexible, and energy-efficient fuel, Lorentz has positioned itself as an up and coming key player in this transformative era, offering a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to traditional energy sources. Their unique patented technology sets them apart, providing a competitive advantage in the rapidly evolving energy market.

Alongside Lorentz, Cassandra Oil has stepped forward, providing transformative solutions in energy and waste management. Their CASO technology not only addresses waste management challenges but also contributes to reducing dependency on crude oil, offering a dual benefit in the face of global energy challenges.

A Sustainable Response to Global Energy Security

In light of recent geopolitical events, including Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the imperative need for nations to bolster their domestic oil reserves has become glaringly apparent. Cassandra addresses this critical issue by transforming waste into valuable oil resources, ensuring a reliable local oil production and fortifying Europe’s energy security.

Together, Nexergy, Cassandra and Lorentz are reshaping the energy landscape, offering essential solutions for Europe’s energy security and economic stability. Their innovative technologies are capturing the attention of decision-makers and market influencers, all eager to be part of this sustainable production revolution.

A Glimpse into the Future - Insights from
Anders Olsson

Anders Olsson shares,
A high oil price will drive the repurposing of waste as a source of feedstock. With the CASO technology, we are addressing waste management challenges and contributing to a reduction in dependency on crude oil.

Meanwhile, Lorentz continues to innovate in green hydrogen gas production. “In the 1970s, I envisioned a technology to purify ocean waters, yielding hydrogen gas. Today, we see a global demand for green energy and hydrogen gas. Producing hydrogen at a cost as low as 17 euros for a journey from London to Rome by car is not just impressive; it’s a testament to our progress and a glimpse into the future of sustainable energy” reflects the visionary behind Lorentz.

– Anders Olsson

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