The journey of Nexergy Continues with growth and movement

Nexergy´s owner has an investor that has signed up for additional 25 million issued shares. The investor will in turn carry out an ownership spread.

With the growth of Nexergy and with its movement to secure Europe’s future in regard to energy and fossil the owner of Nexergy seems it to be fit to increase the spread to additional owners and secure to make Nexergy a company for the people.

Nexergy is getting closer by the seconds to signing the letter of intent with the green energy company and the communication is intense at the moment with a lot of positive feelings.
The energy company are in their own roadmap to be listed on a stock market and that in return will increase the value of Nexergy.

The Due Diligence with Swedish company specializing in the production of oil from plastic waste is moving forward with a steady pace.

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  1. This is the way forward especially with the wars going on in Russia. We can not live with out power we need a safer and an environment greener source, for the planet to survive.

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